Take two: copyright claim forces mobile app redux


iConnexUs logoA copyright conflict nearly took down Eden Prairie tech entrepreneur Richard (Rick) Perry, but the 25-year software veteran has survived to re-launch his mobile app this week.

Whooznear, the name of Perry’s 2 year old invention was strikingly similar in sound (and function) to Who’s Here — product of San Mateo firm MyRete.

“I was loosely aware of the similarities but didn’t fully consider the legalities at the time of startup. They have $1.4 in funding and could out-attorney me in about an hour,” he says describing the process of scrapping and starting over as iConnexUs under Primmo Apps.

The iConnexUs iPhone app helps to identify “the most strategic people for you in a given room,” he says.  A user fills out about 15 different unique attributes — first name, company, need, etc. — designed to enable more productive networking at social gatherings.  “This is about better business outcomes,” Perry tells me, comparing iConnexUs to other similar mobile apps that focus on dating and ‘hook-ups’.

“How many times have you been at an event and Betty Sue is telling you about the quilting club while there’s three people walking by that you should meet? Choice encounters vs. chance encounters,” he affirms.


While the iPhone app is free, Perry’s plan to make money is found in a white-labeled B2B version he plans to sell into organizations and event hosts.

Perry will be demonstrating the new iConnexUs iPhone + forthcoming Android app with partners Joel Gerdeen (CTO) and President Rich Scorza at the upcoming Club Entrepreneur (2/2 @ 11:30), a monthly networking group hosted by Rick Brimacomb. (Rick@Brimacomb.com for registration info)