Beta Byte: ItsAudio



ItsAudioBeta Byte is a series sponsored by LaunchRock for that early stage tech found somewhere between idea and traction. Equally exciting as it is raw.  Are you in this phase?

What is the name of the company and/or product?

ItsAudio, LLC powers the following sites:
ItsDixie (Country Music) –
ItsRasta (Reggae & Island Music) –
ItsRockNRoll (Rock & Alternative Music) –
ItsTop40 (Hip-Hop & Pop Music) –

What is the customer value proposition? What business problem is being solved?

ItsAudio provides web-based music streaming services to a variety of music fans including; Country, Rock/Alternative, Reggae/Island, and Hip-Hop/Pop. The music found throughout these websites has been licensed for interactive streaming via ASCAP, BMI, & SESAC. We pay royalties to these Performing Rights Organizations for every ‘play’ that an Artist receives from our websites.

We aim to reduce online music piracy by providing users with online access to all of their favorite songs along with links to purchase any song via iTunes for their own collections. Links to an Artist’s social media pages will soon be added to each album which will allow the fans to instantly connect with them. Fans will also be able to purchase tickets to upcoming concerts and events.

We’re currently in our second ‘beta’ phase which allows limited access to our websites for free. Our product simultaneously pleases both the fans and the bands by providing access-to and compensation-for the music available throughout our sites.

When did development start?

June of ’11 is when things officially started under the ItsAudio branding. Prior to launching ItsAudio the founders developed a similar project exclusive to Reggae/Rock niche called Jam’s Space (Nov. ’10).

Who is on the team?

Nathan Reimnitz – UI Design & Development. Previous design & development experience with &

Jim Dupont – Marketing. Previous successes include growing Jam’s Space by 10,000 monthly active users and 200,000 song plays within first year.

What is your greatest strength?

Our greatest strength is efficiency, and the systems we’ve developed allow us to spend the most time adding new music to our collections!

Biggest weakness?

Our music licenses are currently limited to music fans residing in the US.

What is the specific technology or combination of technologies, framework, languages, etc. that makes this thing run? Is there any IP?

These websites were developed using Joomla and are hosted on Rackspace cloud servers. HTML5 makes it possible to stream music from any device with an internet connection. There’s no IP here, we’re simply packaging some evolving technologies into an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

What is the a revenue model?  How big is the market?

We generate revenue from monthly subscriptions, advertisements, and affiliate sales. Paid advertisements play every 3 songs for all free accounts while paid accounts are upgraded to a commercial-free listening experience. Affiliate sales include digital downloads via iTunes and ticket sales via BandsInTown.

What is the ultimate vision?

We’d love to see this project become the Netflix of online music streaming.

What is one resource you could use that would take this to the next level?

Capital would surely help expand our marketing efforts.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We’d love to hear your feedback, please email with any comments or suggestions you have!