What’s being built at Startup Weekend Twin Cities 3 [videos]


Foodseeking (foodseeking.com) (@foodseeking)
FoodSeeking.com helps you find safe (allergy free) foods you can eat at a restaurant near you. If you have a gluten, soy, peanut, MSG, intolerance or are looking for vegetarian, natural or GMO free foods FoodSeeking is the place for you to search for and comment about restaurants.

Slimwallet (Slimwallet.com)
Slims your wallet for receipts by uploading them via a pictures taken with your smartphone. Then you’re able to store and view your categorized receipts online. Uploading is incentivized by giving users points and rewards for uploading their photos. Companies will be able to buy detailed insights into customer purchasing behavior across stores and categories.

EasyAisle is a mobile application that allows you to organize your shopping list, and search for hard to find items within your favorite grocery store based on aisle location. As users shop EasyAisle allows the user to track the total price of the items in their cart so there are no surprises in the checkout line.

Achievey (achievey.com) (@achievey) (Facebook page)
Helping you achieve goals with support from your friends and and a little healthy competition. Create an Acheivey team of like-minded, motivated goal-setters to compete against other teams in your category. Weight loss, running, biking, quitting smoking, learning Spanish, and anything with a milestone are fair game for competition. With Achievey you can share tips on success, push your friends to keep up, reward personal and group milestones, and brag about your victory. May the best team win!

Revestio (revestio.com) (@Revestio)
Real estate CASH FLOW analysis in a snap

SharePulse (sharepluse.co) (@SharePulseCo) (Facebook page)
SharePulse is an online and mobile buzz marketing tool that connects local and national businesses with University of Minnesota students by encouraging sharing of select promotional media with their Facebook friends in exchange for free product and special deals.

TinderDocs (tinderdocs.com) (@TinderDocs) (Facebook page)
Ignite your existing marketing docs with never-before availabe analytics, inline lead generation, SEO optimized hosted landing pages, and ridiculously easy social sharing.

[No Video]

CoraCove (website) (@CoraCove)
Website integrated touchscreen kiosk for use in gyms

Podgenic (podgenic.com) (@Podgenic)
Fast and Simple Podcast Preview

Froogify (froogify.com) (@Froogify) (Facebook page)
Ever try to buy something on Craigslist and when you go to meet the person, the other person doesn’t show up? Or when you take the product home the product doesn’t work? With Froogify you can have a wishlist of items and be notified when your favorite local retailers have open-box deals or clearance items. Or, you can browse the listings from your local retailers and find a great deal on something you didn’t think you needed.


  • shanereiser

    Word on the street is TinderDocs has their app built and done already.

  • http://dempseymarketing.com/journal/media/ Robert Dempsey

    Awesome to see what entrepreneurs are coming up with during the 3rd Startup Weekend. Can't wait to be back to participate in the next one.

    Rock on and good luck to all the teams!

  • http://twitter.com/FoodSeeking Food Seeking

    Do you or someone you know have food allergies? FoodSeeking is excited to help you find restaurants that cater to your needs. Check out our blog http://www.foodseeking.com/blo… let us know what you think!  
    Gluten, Lactose Intolerant? Vegan or Vegetarian? FoodSeeking.com Helps you Find What You're Looking for

  • Chris Zweber

    This competition is a joke. https://gym.coracove.com/stats more censorship incoming Jeff? awesome job dude

    • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek

      Not sure what you're referring to Chris?

      • Chris Zweber

        I am referring to the lack of video. Why exactly was I excluded or disqualified? I built a product from scratch starting Friday.

        • Chris Zweber

          completely unrelated to my main business, completely in good will trying to get someone to take a client service project and build it into a real business. Such a discouraging experience. Headed out of state for some sanity and tech reality.

          • Chris Zweber

            hacker news is getting the real story. And you know its good.

        • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek

          We don't have a video of you/your project because you weren't there on Saturday when we filmed them, like every other team was.