JAMF occupies the Grain Exchange

JAMF-SoftwareMac and iOS enterprise management specialists JAMF Software has relocated from their digs inside Open Book on Washington Ave S to 301 4th Ave S, and has “basically taken over the 10th floor of the Grain Exchange north building,” according to Director of Communications Bill Boulger.

About a year ago, the company began gearing up for local/ national expansion has since has “more than doubled headcount,” Boulger says, which has now surpassed 100.  Support, development and sales are handled predominantly between the Minneapolis headquarters and Eau Claire, WI satellite — while Cupertino and New York offices are now officially open as well.

JAMF Software has been developing the only Mac and iOS management software developed exclusively for the Apple platform since 2002. The lifecycle suite revolves around eight tenets:  inventory, imaging, patch management, software distribution, remote control, settings management, license management and usage management.

Boulger says the company is now managing over 1 million Macs and 250 thousand iOS devices across their customer base, which ranges from private enterprise to government and education — “a niche that has seen significant growth as of late,” he notes.


  • Cem

    Grain Exchange continues to grow as the innovation hub in downtown Minneapolis. JAMF, welcome to the neighborhood.

    Cem Erdem
    Project Skyway