Directory v1.1: Logins & Freelancers

by The TECHdotMN Team

HumanNetworkThe directory section of TECHdotMN has grown significantly over time to become the widest and deepest data set of Minnesota’s tech ecosystem. There are currently over 1,000 companies, 200 startups, 700 individuals, 30 investors and 100 different groups within.

This space is encompasses (a) companies/people/groups based in Minnesota and (b) specifically those which operate within “High Tech”, “IT” or “Internet” related fields.  This generally includes SaaS, web, mobile, hardware and telecom firms.

We’ve recently integrated the LinkedIn 3rd party authorization system to enable those within Minnesota’s tech industry to create and manage a company, group and/or personal profile.


How are companies chosen?

The companies included in the directory are chosen based on the nature of their business.   Before a new company can be added, it must be submitted for approval to ensure significant relevancy to the aforementioned areas of technology. Once a new company has been approved/added, users may login and manage that companies profile.

How are people chosen?

The individuals included within the directory are associated with a specific company or organization listed.  We have either manually added them, they have requested inclusion by contacting us, or they have directly added themselves via login.

Freelancers + independent contractors + digital creatives – those who work with various companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company – can also list themselves for hire.

How are groups chosen?

The groups included are predominantly special interest/user groups which are directly concerned with technology, entrepreneurship and business — as defined above.

This is an ongoing aspect of the site — far from complete and far from perfect.  Please send any feedback, special requests, bugs, or spam to