10 demos slated for Mobile 3D

Mobile 3DOrganized in conjunction with the upcoming Mobile March, Mobile 3D is a demo showcase dedicated to mobile creations produced in Minnesota.

Each presenter will have 8 minutes to exhibit their product and take a question from the audience.

Held the night of March 16th from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm, the $20 event includes an evening of dinner, beverages and discussion with fellow mobile developers and enthusiasts.  A list of technologies on the docket was just announced:

iConnexUs – is a business solution that allows patrons, customers, and employees to find people of like interests in common settings such as professional conferences, clubs & bars, sporting events, malls, networking events, concerts, restaurants and coffee shops; wherever people gather.

Datometer – Using the CaptureIt! OmniDAC500 software with our device, users can collect data on just about anything by plugging in sensors into our device.

Micro Melvin – is on a mission to recover the Magnificent Magnification Machine from the malevolent Mr. Mathematicus and his miniature minions! But first, mildly-mannered Melvin must maneuver through a maze of 15 mechanical miscreants and mutants, including mischievous mice, maniacal catzillas, mysteriously mellow mushrooms, methodical scorpions, and a myriad more — each with its own marvelous audio soundtrack.

Honeydew – is a home improvement project management app (iPad) based upon the Agile software development methodology. By taking the best of Agile and adapting it for a home improvement context, Honeydew aspires to deliver breakthrough project management methods to homeowners everywhere.

CrashPlan – Now you can download, view and share files being backed up to CrashPlan Central right on your mobile device. All you need is a CrashPlan+ subscription and our FREE mobile app, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Playbook – is a paperless meeting software suite built specifically for mobile hardware to enhance large corporate meetings and events. It provides apps supporting workshops, assessments, case studies, audience response, competitions, and reporting to energize your audience, improve learning retention, and track performance.

To Do Mapr – help you manage your tasks in an optimal way. It is full of customizable settings and features that allow just about anyone to not only easily add and map tasks but also get them completed quickly and efficiently.

VidyoMobile Interpretation services delivered to locations like hospitals or courts. On a laptop in the hospital the healthcare workers selects the language desired. An interpreter is alerted and creates a video connection to the hospital. If an interpreter is not available a supervisor may find one and that interpreter could take the request on his iPad.

mRemedy – offers a white label solution with integrated mobile and internet services that give health care providers and their patients the tools to interact and share information.

Mobiata – focuses on making travel-related applications for smartphones. I will demo three of our company’s applications: FlightTrack, FlightBoard and Expedia Hotels. We’ll go over the goal of each app and how each accomplishes them, as well as highlighting some of the neater aspects of each app.

Awesome Ninja – Fight your way through 9 awesome levels in this action packed game. Don’t pass up this opportunity to be a ninja, kicking and punching your way into a state of complete awesomeness. This game features original music, graphics, and sound effects, all of which will make you excited about defending your honor.