Updated: M2M SaaS startup Exosite kicks off $2m series A


ExositeUpdated 2/27 10:47 – contrary to the $1m stated on the SEC filing, this A round is actually targeting $2m.

Minneapolis’ machine-to-machine (M2M) SaaS startup Exosite is embarking on a $1m $2m A round of financing, according to disclosure recently filed with the SEC.

The company’s ‘One Platform‘ connects devices, networks and users via the cloud to collect real time data from remote sources.  ‘Portals’ is a white label web application that bolts on top the One Platform and allows for interaction the devices & data, while  ‘UpLink’ and ‘InTime’ offer more specialized solutions for industrial installations and manufacturing facilities.

Exosite’s ambitions dovetail with a broader movement: the Internet of things where an integrated future permeates our everyday lives.

The technology can be applied to industrial process, embedded systems, agriculture, automotive, manufacturing and mobile devices, and more.  DIY hobbyists can use the software off the shelf and startups can build their connected device applications on the platform as well.

Exosite inked a deal with Arrow Electronics roughly one year ago and has been showcasing during the M2M Seminar Series, which will be in Minneapolis on March 21st.

The international team has grown to 15 between Minneapolis and Taichung City, Taiwan, since its founding in May 2009; a Systems Engineer and Web Applications Developer are currently sought.

“We are very excited to see market validation of the value our team has built and happy to be in a position where we are able to be more strategic about funding sources,” said CEO Hans Rempel, who we interviewed in the early days after Exosite raised an initial $300k.