CATS spins out SaaS startup lesshr


lesshr CATS Software is taking its second leap of late with lesshr, a freshly launched SaaS product (and company) for…well…less HR.

Positioned as a simpler solution than the rest, lesshr is a tracking/ hiring system enabling multiple internal stakeholders to collaboratively approve and publish job descriptions, review and rate applications, and schedule interviews.

“Applicant tracking systems are ubiquitous these days, but lesshr is really about syncing that internal hiring process for greater efficiency,” says Product Manager Tony Sternberg, noting the mobile & white label aspects.

A monthly subscription starts at $20/mo and increases in $1 increments based on a companies headcount.

Known for their flagship product, CATS Applicant Tracking System, the firm recently spun out ResFly (17:07) — another standalone play in the same space.

“CATS ATS already has an established niche with great customers in the recruiting industry. That plus an existing code base is really beneficial for the future of lesshr.”


  • Asim95

    Congrats to the CATS Team, what an awesome bunch!