Mayo Clinic + DoApp joint venture mRemedy is growing up


mremedymRemedy was born late 2009 in Rochester, but it wasn’t until this year that it has really began to stand on its own.

A down south conception between mobile app developer DoApp and the renowned Mayo Clinic, mRemedy has matured from a single mobile app into a B2B suite of functionality for healthcare providers seeking to optimize their patient outcomes by leveraging iOS and Android devices.

“A major problem with healthcare today is that 90% of health care costs come from 15% of patients with chronic conditions such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes,” states mRemedy’s Patrick Smith. “To that extent, the myTality platform is cost effective toolbox that can help address these widespread issues in a preventative nature.”

MyTality’s feature set currently includes:

  • Custom branded for hospitals, clinics, and physicians
  • Full medical content library from the Mayo Clinic
  • Personal health tracker applications: myPressure, myPills, myWeight, myGlucose, myCholesteral, myMygraine
  • Digital insurance card manager
  • Directory of providers, locations, maps and floor plans
  • Integrated advertising network through Adagogo

“We were quietly in beta for a while to see what the interest would be like at the intersection mobile and healthcare…and I think we all know the answer to that now,” says DoApp CEO Wade Beavers.

One estimate says there’s now over 13,000 consumer apps on the market for the iPhone alone, not counting Android or the number of solutions being developed “in house” from the larger organizations, keen on building their own arsenals of mobile technology.


“The right fit for us,” he says, “are community hospitals in the realm of 500 beds that lack the internal IT resources to scratch their own itch, yet want off the shelf customization, management and analytics.”

The company recently signed Poudre Valley Health System in Colorado, while early adopter Central Baptist Hospital is now preparing to roll the product out across five locations.

While the demand for solutions like myTality is currently driven by the organizations desire to offer technologies that empower patients, Beavers says he can see a tipping in the not too distant future where the patients themselves be the ones managing their vitals independently, bringing their data in to their provider of choice for more efficient assessment and personalized service.

As that opportunity nears, Beavers says mRemedy’s “robust aggregation of correlated apps will be a key differentiation from the sea of consumer options.”

Beavers will be demonstrating mRemedy’s capabilities at the upcoming Mobile 3D on March 16th.