Skill Sketch Stretches Creativity

by Peter Beacom


Skill SketchBrad Marsh, the creator of the literary software product LitLift, and graphic designer Darrel Austin recently formed 9 Rhinos to develop and market their software creations.

Their latest product, Skill Sketch, landed in the iTunes app store last month. The app offers user a set of zero to four random lines and squiggels and then leaves it to the user to create a doodle from them using their finger. Users particularly impressed with their art work can save their doodles.

Marsh demonstrated the new app and his passion for doodling at a local pizza joint in Pine Island, Minnesota where he lives.

Skill Sketch was inspired by a game that Marsh played as a child where one person would draw a few squiggly lines and it was up to the second person to turn the lines into a small work of art. The great benefit of Skill Sketch as Marsh sees it is that it forces the user to think harder and draw something new. “I’ve been doodling the same fish since sixth grade”, he lamented when discussing value of adding simple inspiration to creative endeavors.

Skill Sketch was built using Phone Gap, an HTML5 and JavaScript platform for building mobile applications. The current version of Skill Sketch sells for $0.99 and is contained entirely on the user’s phone. New features in a future release may include sharing doodles via social media and an online gallery where users can submit their best work.


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