Local gaming startup shoots for $2m first round


rocket surgeon entertainmentPlymouth-based software startup Rocket Surgeon Entertainment recently disclosed intentions of raising $2m in equity for the creation of “projects in the social media persistent game arena.”

“Rocket Surgeon Entertainment is a newly formed group of video and computer gaming veterans with well over 100 years of combined game developing experience, producing and developing on PCs, consoles, handhelds and mobile,” says the website, further noting “RSE is finishing the seed round, and moving on Round 1 rapidly.”

The company is led by CEO Shel Mann, a U of M grad who also helms multi-platform software producer Big Island Publishing. Mann notes that the company has already raised $1.1m

“This spring we are launching a social media persistent game entitled For The People-Fantasy Politics. This first game in our platform is timed to coincide perfectly with the upcoming 2012 election and will include a patent pending polling technology. We have garnered significant interest from Washington DC and Silicon Valley for our efforts.”