Outside -> In: Jon Dahl on startups

by The TECHdotMN Team


Jon DahlHalf code warrior, half  street fighter, and all too human —  Zencoder co founder and CEO Jon Dahl will be joining us via live webcast tomorrow at 12pm to tell it like it is.

Zencoder is a cloud-based service that transcodes millions of videos each month for web, mobile, and TV delivery. Before Zencoder, he ran a Ruby development shop, blogged at http://railspikes.com, wrote a Master’s thesis on philosophy and theology, and made a failed attempt to become a Lisp hacker.

‘Outside coming in’ is a new series that builds off an earlier one in which former Minnesota tech entrepreneurs that have moved out of state would share their wisdom and reflect on differences in startup culture.

Having relocated to San Francisco this past June, Dahl has agreed to be our guinea pig and discuss some startup lessons learned via live webcam + chat.

This is an ideal opportunity for an intimate group of local early stage tech entrepreneurs to ask questions and receive personalized feedback on their own startups from someone who knows their stuff.  Register here to join the conversation tomorrow at 12pm.