TECHdotMN TV 2.9: Minnesota Cup ramps up

by The TECHdotMN Team


In this interview, Minnesota Cup co founder Scott Litman and Director Matt Hilker join us to discuss the 8th annual statewide business plan competition that seeks out aspiring entrepreneurs and their breakthrough ideas.

It begins again this Monday, March 26th, and the initial application window runs through May 18th, before 10 semifinalists are chosen to advance to the next round. Hundreds of local tech entrepreneurs have participated over the years, gaining validation, recognition, services and cash — with between $5,000 – $40,000 now at stake.

The High Tech division is seeking entries in software and hardware (Web-based software, Web 2.0, etc.), networking, communications and wireless equipment and products. We also are looking for submissions in the innovative development and/or delivery of technology services, including consulting services, service providers and software as a service.

Tune in to hear all the new developments, learn how the application process works, and what the number one piece of advice from Scott Litman is. Good luck out there!


  • Ahmed Siddiqui

    Jeff, I think it would be interesting to hear how the program has really evolved.  Do you think that having business plan competitions is still relevant in such a fast changing environment?  Is the competition doing anything to really raise the profile of the Minnesota startups outside of Minnesota?  How come I don't hear about any Minnesota Startups in TechCrunch/Venturebeat?  What is the competition doing to bring more investment into Minnesota?

    • Jeff Pesek

      Interesting questions Ahmed, will explore.