Two Unicorns, One Moon crowned at this years Overnight Webchallenge


After over 24 hours of nonstop hacking, The 2012 Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge came to an exciting yet exhausting halt minutes ago.

Now in its fifth year, the volunteer-driven event brings together 200+/- nerds on 18 teams and matches them with Minnesota nonprofits in need of a website and/or upgrade.

“Every year, the teams and collective talent just get better and better,” said The Nerdery’s Mark Malmberg, who estimates that over 4,000 hours of professional services are donated throughout the experience.

The competition for good was narrowed down from 18 to 4 teams this morning, with  Two Unicorns, One Moon and their client West African Medical Missions (new site DNS is still propagating) coming out on top of this years Webchallenge based on judges selection.

“I feel like we now have the Ferrari of websites,” exclaimed Executive Director Gabriel Schlough while describing his organizations mission to aid in strengthening the health capacities of West Africa.

Two Unicorns, One Moon is really TST Media in disguise, and actually the returning champs from last year. Captain Jason Reed says “The name change was somehow derived out of a pumpkin carving contest…”


Congratulations to all who participated, all who gained, and of course The Nerdery + event sponsors who help to make it all happen!


  • Eryn O'Neil

    Congratulations to Two Unicorns, One Moon! But I don't think those pictures are from this weekend's event? That doesn't look like the U of M continuing education center.

    • Jeff Pesek

       Good call Eryn, updated…

  • Bill

    Just don't call yourselves “copywriters,” as you have some pretty sad spelling and grammar errors in your work. Also, instead of ripping verbage from your website and slapping it onto WAMM, you should consider an original thought.

    Oh, and your company “profile” for the Nerdery was just plain dumb….it's “pixie” and not “pixy.” That should teach you to stop trying to be cute. I doubt it will, however.

    Stay tech, guys…don't over-extend yourselves.

    • Jeff Pesek

       why so angry?

      • Bill

        I'm not angry, Jeff, and I understand the sentiment. But you do know they win by essentially winning the contest by pre-building their site?