MESA recruits another startup

The Minnesota Emerging Software Advisory, aka MESA, continues to expand its mentee portfolio with the recent addition of Minneapolis’  Workface.

Launched last summer by industry veterans seeking to “spark a movement to help Minnesota’s software economy rank among the most vibrant and respected in the nation,” MESA has been steadily increasing efforts to give back, with more to come according to founding mentor Kevin Spanbauer.

Through MESA, Workface CEO Lief Larson has become involved with mentors Barb Stinnett and Jay Coughlan in “taking the company to the next level,” Stinnett says.  “Working with Workface, under the motivating leadership of Lief Larson, is a solid match for the mentorship that MESA brings to Minnesota’s emerging companies. ”

Larson, who started Workface on a napkin in 2007 and has raised north of $2.5m for the customer engagement platform, notes that “MESA’s experience and unique perspective present a highly attractive vantage point to tap on demand.”