Wander App wins U of M Mobile App Challenge


The U of M Mobile App Challenge came to a head last Friday when the judges determined that Wander App had earned the top spot.

Created over the past two semesters by designer Natalie Doud and CSE major Nate Martin, “Wander infuses spontaneity and adventure into moments of stagnant time,” says Doud.

By leveraging a variety of API’s, “Wander sets a goal-based itinerary responsive to a user’s input. It’s for the traveler with a just a few hours to see the highlights, or the local who wants to discover the city’s hidden gems between meetings.”

The duo is adamantly working towards towards an Apple app store submission. “The challenge brought us together and really gave us motivation to make it happen,” she says.

Wander App UMN Mobile App Challange


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