Zestar puts a dietitian in your pocket


Last summer, we wrote about a Wayzata startup called Nomolos which had raised $155k for a mobile health platform that was still in stealth mode.  Turns out that Nomolos has since pulled in $600k for Zestar, a 24/7 mobile weight loss coach launched over the winter.

“Sustainable weight loss has to do more with what you eat than how much you eat,” says co founder Joy Solomon. “Zestar was created for those who want to lose weight over time by addressing the physiological needs of hunger and metabolism. It’s not a calorie counter, rather a ‘what to eat’ recommendation engine.

Once a user has downloaded the (iOS only) app (free 7 day trial, $3.99/mo subscription), they proceed to create a secure profile associated with vitals around height, weight, goals, etc.  From there, daily consumption and expenditure patterns are collected and combined with Zestar’s patent pending system to craft a unique meal plan that becomes more personalized over time.  The algorithm was concocted by Joy, once the CEO of health information company IVI Publishing, purchased by WebMD in 1998. A clip from Zestar on WCCO:

“Growth has been largely organic and is encouraging,” CEO and co founder Frank Solomon says, declining to comment specifically on downloads and active users. “In a tough funding environment, we were able to obtain more than anticipated,” he adds, alluding to another imminent round of capitalization.