Rimage launches next gen DRM fix Signal VP


Rimage Signal VPRimage (NASDAQ: RIMG) may be headquartered in the suburbia of Eden Prairie, but a team of evangelists are in Sin City this week to personify Rimage Signal Virtual Online Publishing — a new platform for secure enterprise content publishing and delivery launching today.

“We’re a 30 year old public company rooted in media and content, and are going through our own internal startup mode,” says vice president of sales Chris Heim, describing their new “Stream it, push it, burn it” mantra.  Of course, it always nice to have money in the bank, considering that Rimage is still holding about $70m in cash.

Built on the back of waning physical media like CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc, Rimage has amassed over 10,000 active customers including Amazon, DHS, Costco and a multitude of large creative studios who use their software/hardware burning system.  Then, last fall, the company jumped into the streaming space with the $52m acquisition of QUMU.

And now, it’s time to push it with Signal VP.

“Our core disc burning business is still there, but the world is changing . We’ve been listening to our current customers for some time about their needs and have created a modern solution to address them: the cloud, ubiquitous mobility, and IT security are on the top of their lists,” Heim says.

Through the system, digital content in various formats can be pushed to multiple subscriber devices with localized installs of the software app. From there, owners can change, grant or revoke usage policies and optionally delete content from subscribed devices. The risk of intentional or unintentional sharing of sensitive content is eliminated, and outdated content can be swapped with new content automatically — whether online or off. Signal also provides access to real time analytics such as subscriber viewing and sharing habits using a SaaS dashboard.

“TV, film, and post-production professionals need a solution like Signal for screeners and pre-release materials to publish digital content securely without being leaked. On the corporate communications side, Signal is perfect for board communications, mergers and acquisitions, meetings under NDA, or anything that requires sensitivity or control,” said CEO Sherman Black.