Sophia acquired by Capella Education Company

by Mike Bollinger


Sophia Learning Capella Education Company (NYSE: CPLA) has acquired Minneapolis startup Sophia Learning on undisclosed terms. Launched just 13 months ago, Sophia is a social teaching and learning platform that connects students and teachers worldwide with tutorials on a huge range of academic topics.

Developed by GoKart Labs, the Sophia community of students and teachers has grown to encompass over 170 different countries, representing over 5,000 schools and universities.  The startup had made its own purchase last year when Guaranteach was acquired. Capella plans to expand the reach through the new wholly owned subsidiary to offer nearly 30,000 academic tutorials and quizzes in areas including Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Chemistry and English.

Capella was Sophia’s original outside investor and the former employer of Sophia and GoKart Labs founder Don Smithmier.


  • Casey Allen

    I heard Ashton was going to invest and Capella had to pull the trigger before the valuation went haywire.

  • Jeff Pesek