AsystMe crosses the half million mark


AsystMeWaconia startup AsystMe has inched over the half million dollar fundraising milestone to $517k in capitalization after the latest close, says CEO Joel Nash.

Nash is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been consistently raising capital from angel investors in Minnesota and his home state of North Dakota as part of a $500k target round that began early last year.

AsystMe, which is still in development stage, is “on a mission to simplify people’s lives by eliminating data overload and improving their personal productivity through the use of proactive automated personal assistants.”  It’s a consumer play that leverages Nash’s previous experience starting and running As One Technologies (now Savigent) for 15 years, a software firm that also dealt with automation in manufacturing.

“Apple’s Siri and others apply automation to improve how people find information, but these products can’t behave proactively.  We are seeing increasing buzz from thought leaders about the need for automation that proactively interacts via the Internet based on anticipated needs of the user,” he says.

With money comes talent, and Thomas Raeuchle is now alongside Nash as AsystMe’s new CTO;  Raeuchle earned his PhD in Computer Science from Cornell, and has worked with a multitude of companies including Honeywell,  Cray Research and and Ancor Communications.
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