Project Skyway gears up for next demo day

Project Skyway
Project Skyway, Minnesota’s first — and only — tech startup accelerator, is heads down right now preparing for their second “demo day”, the culmination of nearly three months of entrepreneurial incubation within the walls of CoCo Minneapolis.

Originally envisioned by veteran tech entrepreneur Cem Erdem in the fall of 2010 and formally launched with co founder Casey Allen in spring of 2011, Project Skyway provides cash, mentorship, office space and visibility for select emerging tech startups.

The first cycle, which ran last fall, yielded five grads: Naiku, Nitch, TelemetryWeb, CribFrog and Cor2.  Of the group, Naiku has seen the most success thus far; the others are moving forward, although Cor2 appears to have outright deceased.  It remains to be seen if this class of four startups — YumZing, QuadROI, Political Harmony, and HypeSpark — will have what it takes to win over the hearts and minds of investors on May 30th from 10 to noon at New Century Theater in downtown Minneapolis.

Event registration is an open to investors and supporters from the Minnesota tech community, as is the after party from 5-9pm that evening at Vic’s on Main St.

“Our Skywalkers have worked amazingly hard over the last 11 weeks and Cem and I couldn’t be prouder of them. Demo Day is their moment in the spotlight where they can showcase how they’re changing the world to a room of some of the most important people in our ecosystem. That entire day is all about the next wave of Minnesota doers,” says Allen.


  • Casey Allen

    It might be educational for the other entrepreneurs in the community to know this isn't YC and the stuff you read about in TechCrunch. 

    This isn't about companies raising a $2.5 convertible round with a 8m cap in the 7 days following demo day. This is about exposure, conversation starters, new connections, and rooms full of cool people to wrap up the cycle on an energizing note.

    Otherwise known as the real world.

    But our entrepreneurs ARE working on some pretty cool stuff. =) It will be exciting.