Precision Decision puts it in your pocket

Precision DecisionDecision fatigue can be a real problem. The burden of making important life choices causes a great deal of stress, and that’s saying nothing of the remorse and second-guessing that can take place after a wrong decision has been made.

Viewing this as a challenge in their own lives as well as the lives of others, Dustin and Nicole Harr set out to develop a mobile product called Precision Decision that would help people reach objective resolutions without the need for hours of contemplation and hand-wringing.

The couple originally built the logic within a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, then teamed up with local developer Christopher Deutsch from Make Rocket Go Now to develop it into an iOS app, which launched this month.

The functionality of the program is quite simple. The user enters the options that they are considering (be it which car to purchase, which school to attend, etc.) and then enters a series of customized variables that play into that decision (cost, location, fuel mileage, etc.). Once these have been entered, the user rates each option on a 1-10 scale based on the desired criteria and then weighs each criterion – also 1-10 – based on how important it is to them personally. Finally, a mathematical algorithm produces the best option based on that data.

“It really makes you dig deeper into a decision,” says Dustin Harr, who credits his wife with doing most of the legwork in fleshing out the idea. He suggests that the process forces people to remove some emotion around assessments of what is important to them.

Both Dustin and Nicole have busy lives outside of this little venture. She’s on the sales and marketing team at a large CPG company, while he has sold high-accuracy surveying systems to engineering companies and government agencies for more than a decade. Dustin says that his personal experience working with technology has helped drive his interest.

“That was part of the allure to me in making this application,” he explains. “I often wonder how things work in the background. How does this work? How do you get this on the Apple Store? How do they make money?”

Now, he and his wife are learning it all first-hand. Precision Decision is live on the Apple Store and available for $1.99. Downloads have been relatively slow early on, with about 35-40 in the first week, but he points out that they haven’t focused much on marketing yet as they’re still refining the product and adding value (for instance, incorporating pre-loaded templates for popular decisions to give users a head start).

What’s the next step? Will they develop for other platforms? Partner with a marketer to increase the exposure for this app? Build it out into something more?

Admittedly, neither Dustin or Nicole have the answers yet, but I think we can guess how they’ll be reached.