Field Nation heads up north

FieldNation CanadaField Nation is going up north this summer for an international debut in Canada, a milestone the Minneapolis startup officially reached as of today.

“Canada is a great first step towards our global ambitions,” says founder and CEO Mynul Khan. “There is a lot of commerce between US and Canada, and customers both countries are excited for us to open the things up for broader reach.”

Field Nation has created a marketplace of independent field service technicians in the IT & computer services industry for enterprise buyers to locate, hire and manage human capital.  As a platform, the technology is connecting “a few hundred customers” with over 20,000 technicians within the US; he notes they are going to market in Canada with a dozen customers and 1,200 available technicians.

Field Nation

A relatively humble and low profile Minnesota tech entrepreneur, Khan launched Field Nation in 2009 on the back of a friends and family round. He says the company reached profitability within one year and is currently on a run rate “well into the tens of millions for 2012.”  Between the Minneapolis headquarters, an office in Atlanta and the development staff in Dhaka, Bangladesh, he counts over 50 employees.

“Our focus was never how much money we can raise rather how aggressively we can grow with our innovation, hard work and building something that not only changes the way people do business and changes their lives. The opportunity is larger than life.”


  • Rob Weber

    Congrats Mynul! I’m super impressed with all the progress you guys are making.

  • Amitthakore16

    Congratulations Mynul!