3D Sports Tech making moves


3d sports technology 3D Sports Technology is rushing towards a new $400k funding round in addition to an earlier score of “greater than $1M,” according to co founder and COO Charles Meyer.

The Minneapolis startup is creating a proprietary technology suite of communication and media tools primarily designed for school level coaches to teach players more effectively; basketball, football, lacrosse, soccer and five other national sports are currently within their scope.

“Kids today are much more fluent with games,”  Meyer says speaking to his career in video production & animation.  “We’re visually engaging along the same lines.” They are currently offering three products:

  • 3D Playbook turns sport specific play drawings from flat 2D to animated 3D multi-view plays.
  • Coach’s Page is a secure mobile content delivery platform for media, internal communications and advertising.
  • Motion capture “MoCap” data collection utilizes customized hardware specifically designed to capture athletic performance and human movement for analytical assessment, comparison and evaluation.

Charles Meyer met Dean Dalton early on and the two decided to launch the venture in 2009.  In addition to customer acquisition, sales, and product development they’ve been building out both their BOD and roster content experts like Michael Strahan, Trent Tucker and Lou Nanne.

While the primary focus is on the 44 million youth participating in organized sports and the 27,000+ secondary schools sponsoring organized sports, Meyer sees opportunity throughout amateur, college and professional levels.  He says the biometric motion capture analysis technology MoCap is already in testing with select pro athletes what he declined to name.

“The Minnesota Angel Tax Credit has directly benefited our fundraising and indirectly enabled 3D Sports Technology to expand quicker with some of the best local firms,” he testifies.

Other local players in the SportTech industry include: TST Media, DraftStreet, LeagueSafe, SportsData, DigitalTown and SportsDigita.