Energy management SaaS aims to leave its print on the Minnesota Cup


EnergyPrint“You can’t measure something you don’t monitor, and you can’t understand where your opportunities are unless you can see them.”

So says Mike Williams, Chief Operations Officer for EnergyPrint, a growing company based in St. Paul that is a semi-finalist in this year’s Minnesota Cup Clean Tech division for its “hassle-free SaaS solution that tracks and reduces energy costs.”

The beauty of EnergyPrint’s offering is in its painless setup process. Whereas many similar services require the user to manually gather and input historical energy information, the data operations team at EP handles that end of administration. Their utility specialists know to find, interpret and translate this info into common language, plugging it into an online dashboard that is easily understandable for property owners.

Aiding the ease of use is the fact that these dashboards can always be accessed on the web or from a mobile device. There is no hardware or installation required.

EnergyPrint has been in business for three years and monitors around 125 million square feet of space across 38 states. The company is growing rapidly, in large part because they’ve expanded their customer set to include not only property owners but also authorized resellers. Where they once had only a couple salespeople, they now have dozens.

And Williams insists that it’s not a difficult service to sell. Companies are very interested in identifying inefficiencies in their utilities, and EnergyPrint’s interface makes it simple to do so.

“Eighty percent of your problems in a portfolio are typically happening in 20 percent of the buildings themselves,” says Williams. “So rather than take your capital investment and spread it across all your buildings, why not focus on your lowest hanging fruit by identifying which buildings are having potential problems and investing your resources there where you’re going to get your highest ROI?”

In order to constantly keep up with the needs and expectations of the market, EnergyPrint utilizes Agile development technology to put out new releases every eight to ten weeks. The back end is powered by the innovative open-source Ruby on Rails CMS, which also helps speed up their development process.

EnergyPrint is one of many tech-based solutions making a deep run in the Minnesota Cup and Williams says he’s been extremely impressed with the enthusiasm of those involved.

“Regardless of whether we advance further into the process we still have won,” he says. “It’s an extremely timely activity in our life-cycle to allow us to refresh our business plan and our message, ensuring that we have the most clear value propositions to the market and the best projections on how we’re going to succeed.”