Minneapolis gaming startup ready to QONQR Kickstarter


QONQR on Kickstarter

If you were to mashup FourSquare, RISK and Farmville — you’d get an idea of what QONQR is all about.

Kind of.  This Minneapolis startup is truly in a world of its own.

A progeny of the first Startup Weekend Twin Cities, QONQR  is a location-based, massively-multiplayer strategy game in which players use their smartphones to battle for control of the cities, towns, and neighborhoods in which they inhabit.

From the Minnesota Developers Conference to midVentures, SXSW, TEKNE and Minnesota Cup, QONQR has steadily grown by bootstraps over the past two years to reach thousands of users from 50+ countries around the world.  It’s a global play that’s acquired not just raving fans, but actual paying customers.

Recently introduced on iOS and Windows mobile (Android soon), the seven comrades just launched World Domination Command Center game expansion project on Kickstarter earlier this week to crowdsource $25k in funding from individual donors starting at $10.

QONQR screenshot

Co founder Scott Davis describes the expansion as “A bigger picture of what’s happening within the game in real time. Imagine being the general in a bunker with a giant map spread out across the table with all the wars and actions happening in real time. That’s what our current players have asked us to make.”

Since Monday, 21 individual supports have contributed over $1,000 for an average commitment of over $50 and the campaign was just selected as a “staff pick,” a move which further raises the exposure level.   Co founder Justin Peck describes having spent months diligently researching and analyzing various Kickstarter campaigns to determine the optimal elements of success.

“$25,000 is what’s needed and is achievable.  We can always go up.”

“But there is still risk on Kickstarter,” Davis says.  “If it doesn’t get funded, then the most obvious loss is postponing the creation of the Command Center.  There’s also the perception…no entrepreneur or investor likes to see something like this not be successful.”

battle battle.



  • Robert Weber

    I just made a $500 pledge. Go QONQR!

  • justaguy

    So its like Parallel Kingdom or Parallel Mafia?