A Flash Sales Site for Modest Fashion



By Lauren Indvik, Mashable

“As a young attorney in Minneapolis, Zahra Aljabri and her colleagues struggled to find fashionable clothing appropriate for a work setting. “I’m a conservative dresser, I tend to have friends who are conservative dressers, and we kept having the same struggles,” Aljabri recalls. “We wanted to follow the trends, and we wanted to find a way to do it that was better than layering with camisoles and jackets or taking things to tailors.”

Confident that a large number of women must face the same challenges, Aljabri developed a business plan for Mode-sty, a flash sales site that caters to conservative dressers. The site, which won’t launch officially until this fall, ran its first 48-hour sale on June 27, and will further test the market in a few more sales throughout the summer.”

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