Hired gun seeks turnaround


David Macey DigititiliFounded eight years ago as a reseller of online backup service, Digitiliti eventually made its mark by going public in 2007 through a reverse merger.

But that’s when everything started to go wrong, says newly appointed CEO Dave Macey, who joined earlier this year for one reason: to change course.

“Over the past five years, I think Digitiliti has been nothing more than case study of how not to run a technology company.”

The fifth CEO in as many years, Macey’s technology executive resume runs deep: Stellant, Secure Computing, Oracle, McAfee, SwiftKnowledge.

After all that, he says, “I still have a renewed entrepreneurial fire in my belly…and a passion for chaos.”

It was upon the acquisition of SwiftKnowledge in 2009 that the then CEO, would be back on the market. Originally sought by Digitiliti board member Dave Dalvey as a prospective director, Macey recalls “looking at the opportunity only to find way more than expected.”

“The core assets (relationships and IP) were strong…when I sat down with the CTO Rod Johnson, it became obvious that he was a true genius. I can count the number of times in my life that I have been blown away by a given technology and what Rod has created is one of them.”

He describes assessing the opportunity before eventually going back to the company with an interest in taking the helm.  In Macey’s mind, Digitiliti’s core product, DigiBak, was becoming increasingly commoditized.  Something new was needed and with Johnson’s engineering chops — DigiLibe was born.

“The secret to our success is going to found be in unstructured data.”

Described as a management software to controls the lifecycle of unstructured data from origin to its deletion, DigiLibe had been a pet project of Johnson’s for the past year and half before it collided with Macey’s business savvy.

“It’s what I call third generation enterprise content management,” he explains, “enabling the enterprise to discover and share internal content anytime anywhere…unstructured content makes up about 90% of all corporate data.”

While DigiBak is revenue generating, the (public) company only did $1.6m in revenue last year. Macey believes the greatest thing to come from Digitiliti’s past is a customer list of over 1,000 that will serve as initial prospects for DigiBak.  We’ll be building out our vertical solutions throughout the year and go after the global 5,000 first.”

“Ultimately you can have great technology but if don’t know how to build a company around it you will be a perpetual fail. I’m steering Digitiliti back into that perfect storm of technology, timing and talent. We have the product and breadth of market segmentation to scale significantly larger than anyone else thinks.”