Gray Squid Division merges with Canopy

by Mike Bollinger


Canopy, an ambitious Minneapolis hardware/software startup has joined forces with Gray Squid Division, a local independent mobile software devshop focused on gaming.

Having already raised $850,000 and looking to raise $1m more, Canopy is on a mission to disrupt the mobile app ecosystem by building features and functionality into protective enclosures for phones, all backed by a full suite of software products and open APIs.

The two firms crossed paths when Canopy hired the two-person team at Gray Squid Division, Matt Pacyga and Joel Stewart, to help define and build out the Canopy ecosystem of products.

“It became clear that the end-goals and product development line at Canopy were very much in line with our goals as a company, which were to develop internal products and eventually do more in the gaming and hardware space”, said Matt Pacyga, head of business development at Gray Squid Division. “This really accelerates the timeline on both sides in terms of what we want to do, and how fast we can get there.”

Joel and Matt will join the Canopy executive team as Chief Strategy Officer and VP of Engineering, respectively. “We’re excited for Matt and Joel to join our team,” said Andrew Kamin-Lyndgaard, CEO of Canopy. “One of the biggest challenges startups face, even beyond raising capital, is the ability to attract and retain talent.  We’re going to significantly change how people use their mobile devices, and Matt and Joel are a key part of helping us realize that vision.”

The newly expanded Canopy team will be demoing their Sensus product at MinneDemo this coming Thursday, July 26. Senus is an iPhone enclosure with a multi-touch interface that allows for inputs and gestures on the back of the iPhone instead of just the front. The primary use will be for gaming, but there will be definite integration into other apps developed by both Canopy and 3rd-party developers through their partnership program.

Terms were not disclosed.