Tonight’s MinneDemo line-up announced


Ten presenters were just announced in anticipation of MinneDemo tonight, Minnesota’s longest running and highest profile technology demo events series.

An anticipated crowd of 500 will converge on Aria at The Jeune Lune around 6:30 to watch fresh and homegrown technology creators make their pitch while proving their prose.

Short on the snake oil and long on adult beverages (usually), participants and audience members mingle with a lively and sampling of Minnesota’s diverse technology community.  It’s a legitimate buzz you won’t catch anywhere else around town.

“We like to think that geeks and those interested in what they are doing (i.e., investors, media organizations, etc) will enjoy an event centered on seeing what the local scene is up to and networking before, during, and afterward with food and drinks. It’s an energizing and informative evening,” — MinneStar.