Startup CEO Darren Cox prematurely leaves U of M spinout CaSTT



Via News Release

CaSTT is building on its momentum in helping technology transfer organizations market their intellectual property (IP) with a new web presence at and a change in operational leadership. The company continues to grow, on boarding new clients, forging relationships with industry partners, and rolling out improvements to its software and services.

CaSTT, a startup spun out of the University of Minnesota, provides web-based marketing services for universities and research organizations who desire to commercialize the intellectual property coming out of their research labs. Darren Cox, founder and former CEO, left the company in early June 2012.”

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  • Darren Cox

    yeah, I am not sure saying I “left” is the most accurate description of what actually happened,but what difference does one more lie make.

    • Jeff Pesek

      Why so passive-aggressive, Darren?

      • Andrew Korf

        Bridges aflame? 

      • Darren Cox

         Come on Jeff… stop trying to bait me.  I have told your for two days that even though I would LOVE to make this a big public fight, I stand to gain absolutely nothing by going on the record about what really happened.  Plus, as I also told you tonight on the phone, I cannot match the money that they can throw at me.

        I want to be able to help all the rest of the entrepreneurs that I know learn from my experiences, but I can’t cut my own throat just to prove a point.  I can’t live my life trying to be the guy who fights every fight. I would love to be able to be that guy, but I have to weigh it against what is best for my family and what could be gained by doing so.

    • Stanley DeGraw

      Darren Cox – why did you attempt to screw an independent contractor out of money you agreed to pay her? According to her you also lied under oath in court to try to get out of it. Is this how you treat all your business associates? She was honorable (look that word up sometime…) enough not to name you, but the court case you lost over your weaselly attempt to cheat her is public record: