TECHdotMN TV short: El Dorado-backed RapidEngines

by The TECHdotMN Team


We caught up with Minnesota tech entrepreneur Thomas Grabowski during last weeks MinneDemo to learn more about local startup RapidEngines (previously Rapid.IO), which became became part of el Dorado Ventures portfolio in February of 2011.

“RapidEngines translate’s your data into meaningful information by tagging key relational data as it is received and then storing it in a condensed set of indexes that can be easily navigated through the RapidEngines interface.

Information is immediately available in the RapidEngines interface in graphical trends, pie & bar charts, and other visualizations so its meaning is easily understandable and available to share with others.

RapidEngines can be used to provide real time actionable intelligence by base-lining normal operations; isolating, comparing, and analyzing threats as they happen while always allowing users to drill  into original raw logs and get the facts so they can take action and resolve problems faster and easier.”

Grabowski started the venture in 2010 with co founders Jason Destefano and Peter Jordan; the trio’s relationship dates back a decade to the formation of LogLogic, a log management appliance company started in Grabowski’s Minneapolis basement circa 2002.  LogLogic eventually moved out west after raising a $5.5m series A from Sequoia and Telesoft in 2003 — where it remains today — some $58m in VC later, according to Grabowski.