Willmar-based Feedlogic brings home the bacon



An aspiring “world leader in intelligent feeding systems and data management for livestock,” from Willmar named Feedlogic has recently raised an equity round between $678k – $1.2m according to an SEC filing.

“Founded in 2001, Feedlogic is a pioneer in the development of intelligent feeding solutions which can provide livestock producers with real-time monitoring and management of feed. It offers a series of products which combine patented hardware and software to measure production processes and execute more precisely. Its products include FEEDPro for research applications, FeedSaver intelligent feeding systems for commercial production, FeedMeter feed measurement systems, and BlendTronic on-farm micro-ingredient application systems.”

The company appears to have been consistently making business development progress this year and was reportedly working with local startup TelemetryWeb as of last summer.
KC Associates