Stealth startup Miinome wants your DNA

This impromptu video interview with Paul Saarinen and Scott Fahrenkrug at Datavenu on Wednesday explores the genesis of Miinome.

What started with some tweets, led to a recent SXSW collaboration, IP/legal formation, onto some press and, well:

“The basis for the company is we will be building a platform that allows people to gain access to your genetic information — store it, manage it, control it, and potentially donate it,” says Saarinen.

“We’re talking with a lot of different organizations, partners, investment opportunities and we’re here today to share that story of how we cam to be — where we see it, what’s our vision and what we’re going to do with this.”

“…your genome controls, to a certain degree, who you are and what you do. We see that as a valuable resource for providing opportunity to people where in their genetic data is a form of equity they will own,” adds Fahrenkrug, an Associate Professor of Genetics at the University of Minnesota.

Watch these guys.