Image Sensing Systems fires CEO, local tech vet Tufto named interim



Via News Release

“Saint Paul, Minn., August 13, 2012 – Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ISNS), announced today that Kenneth R. Aubrey’s employment as president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Image Sensing Systems, Inc. has been terminated, effective immediately. The board has named Kris B. Tufto, a member of Image Sensing Systems’ board, as interim president and CEO.

Tufto has served as a member of the board since September 2011. He will continue to serve on the board, but will step down from the three board committees because his role as interim president and CEO positions him as a non-independent board member. The Board expects to initiate a search for a new president and CEO in the near-term.”

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  • Rob Weber

    Congratulations Kris! Sounds like a great company and market to leverage your strengths in leadership and sales. Good luck!

  • Dan Mooradian

    Kris is a talented Executive with tremendous leadership skills. This is good news and I wish him well.