Minneapolis startup bets on virtual personal training


Perk HealthHealthcare is clearly a hot-button topic in our country today and sure to be among the most heavily debated throughout upcoming election cycle. Yet, for all the hand-wringing over ways to cover and cut costs associated with the industry, many people believe that the biggest key to alleviating our healthcare crisis is focusing more on preventative measures.

You can count local tech entrepreneurs Zach McGill and Doug DeBold among those people. The two recent college grads — McGill from the University of Minnesota and DeBold from Middlebury College in Vermont — have been formulating an online fitness service directed at small and medium sized companies that are self-insured.

Currently in alpha stage, Perk Health will offer a web-based application turned mobile virtual personal trainer named ‘Kevin’ that produces customized workout programs for employees with the goal of creating healthier habits and lowering healthcare costs through improved overall fitness.