TECHdotMN Capital Call is back at CoCo on September 20th

by The TECHdotMN Team


MoneyMinnesota tech (IT, SaaS, web, mobile, hardware) entrepreneurs actively financing their startup are invited to to the second TECHdotMN Capital Call on Thursday, September 20th, from 6-8pm at CoCo in Minneapolis.

This gathering will be an intimate experience focused on one thing: money.

This time around, two guest speakers will be sharing their respective insights: local angel investor Tony Abena & Minnesota tech entrepreneur Matt Bauer.

Tony AbenaTony is the Chief Operating Officer of the Deloitte Investments, LLC, the private equity and venturing division of Deloitte LLP, the largest professional services firm in the US.  He is also the Managing Partner of Palatine Hill Capital, LLC, which provides seed capital for disruptive, recurring revenue-based early-stage companies in Minnesota, Oregon and India.  He is currently invested in five local companies: Jingit, Docalytics, TrackIF, PatentCore, and Magni Asset Management.

Tony was previously the President of the $1 billion US law firms division of Thomson Reuters Legal in Eagan, and has lead the sale of two companies to Gartner and SuccessFactors.

Matt BauerMatt Bauer is the founder of Pedal Brain which provided a fully integrated hardware/software solution for cyclists from recreational riders to those in the ProTour. Over the four years at Pedal Brain, he completed a number of industry partnerships and raised over $1.2m in funding. Pedal Brain didn’t ultimately succeed though Bauer is taking his experiences into a new venture – Bauer Measurement.

He will speak to “A Collection Of Funding Data Points And Their Analysis” based on his learning experiences (123).

Participants can expect ample time to network and compare notes with peers who are in a similar startup phase with the objective of increasing probabilities of success.   Reserve a seat now if this event is for you (1 person per company).

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  • Kalpesh

    hey gang – by any chance, was this event taped and available streaming?

    • Jeff Pesek

      Hi Kalpesh – no, it was not recorded.