SmartThings crosses half a million mark and gets cozy with Instacube

SmartThings and Instacube are in loveMinneapolis’ meteoric Kickstarter campaign SmartThings announced today a melding of mind and design with the California hipsters at Instacube.

When we last checked-in with SmartThings, they had raised over $250k in under 5 days ;) using the socially popular crowdfunding platform.  That figure has now more than doubled in two weeks time, as 3,018 backers from around the world have pledged $585k — with 16 days to go towards the ultimate target of $1m.

As partners, the teams will be working together to integrate the SmartThings technology into Instacube and vice versa. The relationship not only opens more doors for better connected outcomes — and more possibilities for fun along the way — but also represents a uniquely collaborative fundraising dynamic whereas the two are leveraging their fans to cross-promote. As D2M (Instacube) CEO Andy Butler stated, “This is Kickstarter at it’s best, entrepreneurs working with entrepreneurs to push innovation even further.” Absolutely beautiful.


  • Ben Edwards

    As usual you guys are ahead of national coverage. Great job Jeff (and you too Mike)!