Edutech startup Kidblog closes on $400k seed round



Kidblog initially disclosed intentions of raising $400k earlier this May, and over the course of a summer in Silicon Valley, the local edutech startup has closed that seed round with confidence.

Kidblog is just that — a blogging platform designed for K-12 teachers who want to provide each student with an individual blog. It was invented out of necessity by Eden Prairie elementary school teacher Matt Hardy in 2008/2009 and launched with partner Dan Flies in early 2010.

Classrooms have been flocking to Kidblog from the onset, with current adoption around 140k teachers and 1.8m student users.

The software has always been free, and is yet to incorporate a revenue model into the business, an aspect that Flies says “was not an issue for our savvy investors who are more interested in growth and engagement this early.”

Those first five angels are Scott Banister (CA), followed by 500 Startups (portfolio) (CA), Maneesh Arora (CA), Pete Schleider (MN), and Scott Burns (MN).

“Giving students an authentic audience for the great work they do every day is what motivates us…we’re learning a lot about what our users want and we see a huge opportunity ahead,” Hardy says, explaining how he’s now gone full time on Kidblog and is committed to staying in Minnesota with intentions of hiring more local developers in the near term.

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  • Corey Thompson

    Congratulations guys! Awesome!

  • kalpesh

    Nice work gentlemen! Keep on moving – those students and teachers need your help!

  • Casey Allen

    Boom! 500 makes their first MN-based investment. Solid! Many more to come, hopefully.

    Congrats Dan and Matt, much deserved.

  • Jeff Pesek

    It’s nice to see a startup succeeding through organic growth and real world impact.

  • Kevin Spanbauer

    These guys are doing everything right. If you know anyone in the education space, you should be encouraging them to get on the Kidblog platform – kids and parents alike will benefit even more than teachers!