Minnesota tech inventor pursues breakthrough


Martin Fenner Exablade
“There’s a bottleneck here,” says Exablade founder and CTO Martin Fenner.

The bottleneck this engineer turned entrepreneur identified lies squarely in moving data through components to the CPU for processing and he claims to have found the answer from his lab in Stillwater.

“Today’s ever-increasing data throughput demands are outpacing computing capabilities, which  can make the data act like a Ferrari stuck in traffic – it’s fast, powerful, and valuable when unleashed — but quite useless in congestion.”

In response, Exablade’s technology comes down to an advanced I/O structure design that improves performance using proprietary data traffic software algorithms.

“Our tests show increased data-throughput capability up to 20X faster with 80% less energy  use,” he testifies, referencing general-purpose processors from Intel, such as the i7 family of  products. “We believe our solution will alleviate many data-throughput computing bottlenecks,  thereby dramatically increasing performance.”

Fenner says that performance issues cause severe pain in the financial markets, government sector, and cloud hosting environments, but he’s quick to note that “we’re not directly talking about your laptop or mobile phone,” although, if adopted, Exablade’s technology could theoretically impact the storage and streaming such devices consume.

Together with a small team of specialists, Fenner has been pursuing Exablade for over 2 years now, having incorporated in March of 2011 and bootstrapped the R&D thus far on the back of his consulting company Marner Mircro Technologies.

Exablade has applied for a patent to cover the design architecture and advanced software algorithms with the big picture plan to package the technology platform for licensing to OEM & ODM players.  Fenner is keen to understand that his invention must progress in clearly defined validation stages, each necessitating increased capitalization.  Continued logic design, simulation verification, manufacturing and tooling are a few of the milestones this startup must hit before nearing market acceptance.

“Exablade isn’t going to be a door to door type of distribution model…there’s numerable multi-billion dollar industries like servers, switches and PCIe based devices with an appetite for what Exablade can do. This we already know.”


  • Sean_4S

    It’s so great to hear about these great Minnesota entrepreneurs. Exablade sounds like a great technology!