HSS raising half a million

Horse Sense Shoes

Horse Sense Shoes is raising a $500k round of financing with $125k secured, according to a recent SEC disclosure filed by New Counsel on behalf of founder Mike McHugh.

The Plymouth startup emerged last fall and has previously raised some early capital.

“Horse Sense Shoes (HSS) is in the business of developing and implementing a non-invasive real time surveillance solution for the Equine Athlete [horse]. The premise is based on implementing proven technology into horse shoes and a standard web enabled network for data review and analysis.

The horse shoe has an embedded pressure sensor with wireless data upload capability. The technology embedded in the attached shoe is transparent to the horse and handler. The data is used to establish a baseline of pressure and thermals to measure any phenomenal changes, obscurities, or even consistencies.”

In addition to the embedded shoe sensor, McHugh describes a new E-patch product designed to measure temperature, orientation, pulse and respiration.

“It’s obviously a tough environment for any entrepreneur out there right now, but it’s happening for us,” McHugh says, noting that proceeds are for continued R&D and staffing as HSS goes to market in the near term.

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