SmartThings clears a million on Kickstarter [video]


SmartThings SmartThings, a product of Minneapolis startup Physical Graph, was introduced to the world on August 23rd through the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform with the goal of making the world a smarter place,” through an ‘Internet of things’ hardware + software play.

They began with a goal of raising $250k, crushed that within the first five days, and proceeded to collect over half a million by week two.

With 3 days still remaining, SmartThings has broken a million from 4,900+ pledges.

“We are excited by the enthusiasm with which SmartThings has been embraced and are eager to get the products into everyone’s hands. We’re thrilled with the way Minnesota has stepped up to help us get this off the ground, with support, advice, connections, and encouragement,” said co-founder Ben Edwards regarding the milestone.

TECHdotMN contributor Clay Collins took a deep dive with Edwards earlier this week surrounding SmartThings recipe for success: