8thBridge releases Graphite v2

Minneapolis social commerce startup 8thBridge has evolved considerably since the early days of Alvenda’s shoplets.

Today, CEO Wade Gerten shared ‘Graphite 2’, an extension of the much anticipated Graphite product launched earlier this year.

“Graphite now weaves social into the entire purchase funnel for the first time,” Gerten says, explaining how engagement, earned media and data insight are at the core of the release.  “Only 5% of users will generate content, the other 95% is antisocial traffic who doesn’t engage.”


To further motivate that massive majority of lurkers, notable elements of an updated Graphite include:

  • Pinterest ‘styleboard’ functionality for on-site curation
  • expanded social expressions
  • enhanced rating system
  • rewards for power users
  • streamlined Facebook logins
  • advanced user controls

Gerten also shared some retrospective date points from the dozen or so early adopters signed on since April’s initial launch:

  • 177k stories shared past 6 months
  • 26m impressions on Facebook
  • 36.5 million people engaged
  • 3.5 billion things liked
  • 25.7% increase in traffic from Facebook

“We are really excited about the future potential of this,” Deb Shops VP eCommerce & Marketing David Cost testified. “Dwell time equates to sell time. The styleboards are ramping-up that engagement and interactivity.”

It’s often difficult for outsiders to objectively decipher the real outcomes of what’s happening internally, but no doubt 8thBridge is dabbling in the bleeding edge of the space by experimenting in new ways using a layered ‘interest graph API’ developed by CTO Jamie Thingelstad and crew.