Shoreview startup Tarsier can see the future


Tarsier Glasses

Tarsier’s MoveEye technology is pushing the limits of user-interface with eyewear designed to control computers and TV’s using hand gestures.

This nascent Shoreview startup is operating in a futuristic world, extending far beyond what we do to fundamentally address how we do it.

Using the 3D glasses with embedded stereoscopic cameras combined with sophisticated software, the big picture focus, says co-founder and CEO Shafa Wala, is simple: to redefine human-computer interaction.

“It’s an interface for the next 30 years,” explains Wala, “Imagine using an Ipad from the comfort of your couch…only instead of the touching the screen, your entire TV has become the display and there’s no physical touch involved, only hand gestures.”

“MoveEye has the ability to bring computing to the masses in a way no other technology has since the mouse,” he said.  “By using depth cues and creative physics, users can manipulate icons, windows, and content as if they were floating in the air.”

It’s as though the core elements of Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect converged with Google’s Goggles.

Considering how TV remains “media portal of choice,” as Wala puts it, he envisions a place in time where the smart screens can live up to their promise with the help of MoveEye’s assistive technology.

The outstanding question mark around MoveEye ultimately comes down to whether or not consumers will be motivated to (a) purchase and (b) actually wear the glasses (regardless of how cool they may seem in concept).  Considering that provisional patents have been filed domestically and international IP protection is also in pursuit, Tarsier could very well adapt over the course of time — provided they can stay in the game.  That is to say, that even if consumer adoption doesn’t catch, the potential for commercialization still exists.

“Beyond the consumer audience, our business plan further outlines a bigger list of potential commercial applications, including military, healthcare, and gaming,”says Wala.

MoveEye is currently approaching a pre-production prototype stage off just $100k seed funding and considerable boostrapping from the team, which range from undergraduate students to corporate engineers and even support from Nikos Papanikolopoulos.

Tarsier’s target launch for MoveEye, pending adequate capitalization, is by the end of 2014.


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