Local startup SourceMob taps social hiring


SourceMobThe job market is migrating, and companies searching for quality talent in the usual places – Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, etc. – are increasingly going to come up empty-handed.

That’s the philosophy behind SourceMob, a B2B startup based in St. Louis Park that focuses on helping companies recruit employees in the social and mobile spaces.

“We believe those aggregated job boards are waning,” says founder & CEO Jeffery Giesener, pointing out that Monster’s stock price dropped from $26 last year to $10 this year. “We provide a way for a client to be able to go into those [social and mobile] networks.”

Oftentimes the best candidate for a job is the passive candidate, who is not actively blasting out his/her résumé on job boards but is nevertheless open to landing in a new role. One of SourceMob’s key strengths, says Giesener, is that it allows companies to access this segment by integrating with social platforms that most people are already using.

“Our solution helps candidates find jobs from our clients when they have an interest, and then relevant job openings get delivered and distributed every single day based on their choice of category and location that they want to work in, directly – for instance – on their Facebook profile page and right to their mobile device. We also deliver jobs for our clients both to Twitter and to Google Plus.”

Launched in early 2011, SourceMob targets Fortune 1000 companies and has already accumulated a roster of more than 10 clients, including local powerhouses Toro and Upsher-Smith. The service is sold with an up-front cost and SaaS subscription fee. SourceMob also offers back-end social marketing programs to help clients grow their follower bases and increase the number of candidates reached.

All data is kept completely anonymous and private, so despite the social nature of the connection, the candidate’s job search isn’t publicized.

The tool also features analytical aspects that help narrow job searches and identify job seekers who are suited for, and interested in, a particular position. For instance, when a new job opens up for a client, SourceMob can mine their applicant pipeline data to find and reach out to people who have applied in the past, vastly reducing the cost and time involved with locating qualified candidates.

A capability called “SourcePools Conversations” enables an applicant to immediately enter a live chat with a recruiter, setting up the possibility of an instant interview.

“The ultimate reason we exist is to the lower cost per hire and stop candidate defections,” says Giesener. “Our solutions all drive to that destination.”

Giesener boasts that saving just one retained commission will more than pay for their service, which can be set up in less than 45 days.

They’re currently enrolling companies nationwide with pain points in the employment process with the pitch of “putting them a step ahead of the game.” Because, as Giesener puts it, “It’s inevitable that social media platforms will becomes the world’s biggest job board.”