Echobit closes on $350k funding round



Minneapolis startup Echobit has recently closed a $350k ‘Angel II’ round of equity financing for the expansion of core gaming product Evolve, according to co founder and CEO Adam Sellke.

Evolve is pioneering an open communication and collaboration platform for multiplayer gamers, starting with PC-based games. 

“As the industry continues to try and lock players into their proprietary platforms, being ‘out of band’ is increasingly valuable,” says Sellke, who notes that membership has quadrupled since June to 75k registered users.

Founded in 2009 by Sellke, Soren Dreijer and Michael Amundson, the startup is now capitalized to $760k; proceeds are to be used, in part, for technical hiring needs.  Next on the product roadmap are “revenue-generating premium offerings.”

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  • Arbiter

    “Next on the product roadmap are “revenue-generating premium offerings.”

    I’m scared.

  • Daren

    Huge congrats to the Evolve team. Some great guys just got funded and I can’t wait to see this all Evolve!!!!