Nifty Gifter wins Startup Weekend Twin Cities 4


Startup Weekend Twin Cities 4 Winner

17 teams just gave their best shot at demonstrating the software and mobile applications they’ve developed over the past 54 hours at the Carlson School of Management for Startup Weekend Twin Cities 4.  After an extended deliberation, the judges have declared that Nify Gifter is the overall winner, followed by Browser Tap and Donate Right.

Nifty Gifter is a mobile based startup looking to improve the gift giving experience by allowing people to capture, buy, and send gifts easier.  Nifty Gifter will have a reserved slot at the upcoming MinneDemo on Dec 11.


Platforms: Android, iOS, web
Technologies: Amazon web services, ruby, Ruby on Rails
Vertical / Market: Dating & Relationships

BrowserTap came in at second place and won passes to CoCo Minneapolis. Cross-browser testing is the critical last step in the development of a website or app, ensuring your code works in all browsers. Forget VMs, screenshot services, or dedicated testing computers– cut your testing time in half, saving web developers and agencies time and money.


Platforms: web
Technologies: Javascript Frameworks, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Driver Development, Red5, FFMpegX, RTMP Streams, web sockets, Google Chrome, ActionScript, amazon web services, node.js, HTML5, C++, JavaScript, CSS
Vertical / Market: Developer Productivity

Third place, and winner of the BRIDGEdotMN $1k for 1% grant, is Donate Right – an online community bringing charities and donors together to make donation a tangible and more meaningful experience. Our mission is to provide a simple and effect platform for donors to purchase specific items on behalf of worthy charities and causes.


Platforms: web
Technologies: Foundation by Zurb, HTML5
Vertical / Market: Non-Profit

Congratulations to all who participated and those who sponsored + supported this one of a kind event:


  • Sk

    Wow. It is not even announced yet.

    • Kendra Allen

      Yeah, that was kind of a poor move. I pulled up the site to review the contestants again, and the headline was already up there, while thank yous were still being announced.

      • Jeff Pesek


    • Casey Allen is breaking news. They have to beat the rest of the Twittersphere. Don’t you think you would you if you were them?

    • Clay Collins was a sponsor, and Jeff & Mike contributed a great deal to the event. As someone who’s benefited greatly from what has done for Startup Weekend . . . I’m 100% fine with them using inside access to break this news first.

  • Casey Allen

    Nicely done Nifty. Don’t stop, keep on rocking it. I want to see a post in in three months about you guys launching.

  • Andrew Korf

    Bummed I missed out on the weekend due to responsibilities out of town. What problem does niftygifter solve? the branding is great.

  • Antar4

    Great event, great energy. Here is a feedback. It was good to learn who won, the runners up and the notable mention. They got feedback in the form of the winning, but what about other teams? How will they know what they did was right, not right, where they went wrong? So, for future events, what I would like to propose is this, after the winners are announced, it would be great if the judges can speak one line or two for each of the teams on how to improve or what can be done to improve? This way, no body returns empty handed!
    Just my two cents!

    • Jeff Pesek

      Great suggestion!