What’s being built at Startup Weekend Twin Cities 4



Startup Weekend Twin Cities 4

Dozens of makers, doers and creators have gathered at the University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management for Startup Weekend Twin Cities 4. Some 48 hours into it, these weekend warriors have self-formed 17 unique teams which will demo tonight at 5:30pm (doors open at 5:00):

Nifty GifterNifty Gifter – a mobile based startup looking to improve the gift giving experience

Links: www.goniftygifter.co
Platforms: web, Android
Technologies: Amazon web services, ruby, Ruby on Rails
Vertical / Market: Dating & Relationships

Donate Right – an online community bringing charities and donors together to make donation a tangible and more meaningful experience. Our mission is to provide a simple and effect platform for donors to purchase specific items on behalf of worthy charities and causes.

Links: donateright.org
Platforms: web
Technologies: Foundation by Zurb, HTML5
Vertical / Market: Non-Profit

BrowserTap – fast and beautiful cross-browser testing. Cross-browser testing is the critical last step in the development of a website or app, ensuring your code works in all browsers. Forget VMs, screenshot services, or dedicated testing computers– cut your testing time in half, saving web developers and agencies time and money.

Links: browsertap.com
Platforms: web
Technologies: Javascript Frameworks, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Driver Development, Red5, FFMpegX, RTMP Streams, web sockets, Google Chrome, ActionScript, amazon web services, node.js, HTML5, C++, JavaScript, CSS
Vertical / Market: Developer Productivity

PetriPetri – an intuitive, adaptive and free application built to filter out the daily deals noise and bring order and relevance to your inbox. Discover what your city has to offer through search, recommendations and real-time, location-based updates tailored to you. Petri. Feeding your interests, one offer at a time.

Links: www.mypetri.com
Platforms: web, Android, iOS
Technologies: Google maps, Sencha, jQuery mobile, Objective-C, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, CSS
Vertical / Market: Data Analysis, Notifications & Alerts, Discovery, Lifestyle, Mobile, Advertising

Ticket Smart – We are a team looking to save businesses money by providing data on the optimal times to make travel purchases.

Links: www.ticketsmart.co
Platforms: web
Technologies: Python, JavaScript
Vertical / Market: Transportation

Hopsnob is a location based app that connects you with your favorite microbrews. Search for a beer, find the closest liquor store where it’s available. Life’s too short to drink bland beer.

Links: www.hopsnob.co
Platforms: web
Technologies: Google maps, CoffeeScript, Jquery, ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS
Vertical / Market: Consumer Interest

BubbleDo: Visually optimized online task management and productivity tool, for desktop and mobile, to help artistic and creative types stay on task. Socially vertical and engaging.

Links: http://www.bubbledo.co
Platforms: Windows 8, Windows Phone, web, Android, iOS
Technologies: HTML5, PHP, JavaScript
Vertical / Market: Personal Productivity

RideHub – a tool for bicyclists to plan and share group bicycle rides.

Links: www.ridehub.co
Platforms: web, Android, iOS
Technologies: HTML5
Vertical / Market: Social, Advertising

iCtrl – independence through environmental controls that empower mobility impaired individuals with the tools to live and succeed. This is done using open source hardware and software allowing the product to be created at a lower cost and with more adaptability than the few products already on the market.

Technologies: Discrete Switch, SIRI, Infrared, Bluetooth, Arduino
Vertical / Market: Home Automation, Healthcare

VALIS is a power tool for analysts. If your thoughts, research, and intuitions are puzzle pieces, then VALIS is the table on which you can spread them out and assemble them into a coherent, logically consistent form. It shows you how an argument fits together and gives you feedback as to whether or not the whole thing is spot on, or way off.

Links: http://www.projectvalis.com
Platforms: web
Technologies: Personas, Django, Python, Google App Engine, Java, JavaScript
Vertical / Market: Business Productivity, research

This Shirt, That Tie is attire recommendations with our signature StyleEngine™. Share and get instantaneous feedback from those who want you to shine.

Links: http://www.this-shirt-that-tie.com
Technologies: ruby, Ruby on Rails
Vertical / Market: Consumer, Retail

Bachelor PadBachelorPad – transform your boring generic apartment into a cool fresh pad where guys want to hang out, and girls want to relax.

Links: www.beta.bachelorpadinc.co
Platforms: web
Technologies: Superior Intellect, Asana, CoffeeScript
Vertical / Market: Lifestyle

Reciprify is a new social sharing site that allows users to send and receive their favorite recipes with friends and family.

Links: http://www.facebook.com/Reciprify
Platforms: web
Technologies: perl
Vertical / Market: Food & Agriculture

Antar4 – your companion for home buying and maintenance.

Platforms: iOS
Technologies: Objective-C
Vertical / Market: Sales & CRM

BravvoOur mission at Brravo is to empower people to recognize their peers for the awesome work they do everyday. Brravo is a social recognition platform enabling real time acknowledge.

Links: http://www.brravo.com
Platforms: web and mobile
Technologies: Twitter Bootstra, LinkedIn API, Blueprint CSS, Jquery, node.js, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS
Vertical / Market: Social

Define.FM – Visually Showing What Matters and Defines You The Most

Links: http://Define.FM
Platforms: web
Technologies: Knockout.js, Facebook APIs, Jquery, .net, C#, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS
Vertical / Market: Discovery, Lifestyle, Marketing, Social

myHomeStyle – Helping customers understand their style in buying a home

Platforms: n/a
Technologies: n/a
Vertical / Market:Service


  • http://www.facebook.com/chadworks Chad Halvorson

    Looking good everyone!

  • http://www.marketingshow.com Clay Collins

    Listening to the pitches right now and really impressed. Thanks for everyone who produced this and gave up their weekend to put this on. This feels like a nice evolution of the traditional business plan contests.

  • Serei

    DonateRight and Bachelor Pad – your logos look professional.

  • http://www.marketingshow.com Clay Collins

    Also, props to whoever brought in Doug Berg. Thanks for that.

  • zyzzyxx

    Good Synergy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=538686121 Yael Grauer
    • http://twitter.com/bzzl Visual Info Analyst

      Yael – I checked it out – I like how you bring the reader into the story painting with visual descriptors and then you included an overview of startup weekend – so important to get the word out.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=538686121 Yael Grauer

        So glad you liked it!