TECHdotMN TV short: SWTC4 Winner | Nifty Gifter

by The TECHdotMN Team


In this interview with Brady Atherton from Nifty Gifter we learn more about the overall winner of Startup Weekend Twin Cities 4. Atherton’s teammates include Derek Rockwell, Paul Sieka, Devin Bezdicek, Ken Loomis, Nathan Roise and Stephen Nixon.


  • Derek Rockwell

    I’d also like to recognize Nathan Roise as another team mate, whom I unfortunately neglect to include on our survey response. Thanks so much to everyone involved with making Startup Weekend a great success!

  • Rob Weber

    Congrats to the entire Nifty Gifter team! My wife definitely would agree there is a market for your app;)

  • Ryan Reilly

    I use an app called SoundHound to create a history of songs that I like when I hear them on the radio or in other places so that I can later go back and add them to a playlist on Spotify. Nifty Gifter is doing exactly that for gifts. Cool idea, I hope you guys continue on with this one!

  • Kalpesh Joshi

    Great idea – 1. I always forget gifts, and 2. I see things out that I think would fit for certain friends, but I never write it down. The app accomplishes both – scanning idea is great!