Agosto Wants ‘A Google Town’

AgostoAlthough Rick Erickson and Irfan Khan co founded Agosto in 2001, it took nearly a decade for the firm to find its true calling: Google.

What began as a strategic IT consultancy has naturally shifted directions over the years, moving more into managed services and doubling-down on Google enterprise products in the mid to late 2000’s.

The foresight has since earned them a spot as one of ten Google Cloud Platform Partners in all of North America. It’s also financing their new 13,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Northeast Minneapolis’ Ford Building, complete with a 50-person conference room.


 “It was in 2010 that we really started to see significant traction with the Google Enterprise practice,” says CEO Aric Bandy, who joined Erickson and Khan in 2007.

“The growth in revenue is all about Google’s business as the market catches up with the realities.”

Prior to Agosto, Bandy was founder of Outsourced IT, a managed services business sold to Techies, (a commercial spin-off of Geek Squad) and is now owned by Loffler.

With 35 employees in total, Agosto maintains another office in Toronto and has satellites in San Francisco and Houston. They recently picked up a Tekne Award and count local customers like Dunn Brothers, 2nd Wind, and Regis, amongst other big names throughout U.S. and Canada. Migrating Corel’s WinZip to the cloud in 5 hours ahead of hurricane Sandy is the type of service they aspire to be known for.

“We want to own our backyard and we’re very intentional about being here.  Not only is it a vibrant tech industry, but Microsoft has traditionally had a strong foothold in Minneapolis. I’ll tell you right now that we’re here to make this a Google enterprise town.”

And like just about every tech company in Minnesota, Agosto is staffing up.

“We’re looking for engineers, sales people and administrative support.  The economics of this market are challenging for a growing company given the Fortune 500’s, but being so closely aligned with Google is a unique differentiator for us going forward.”

Thursday, November 29 is the Agosto open house and ribbon cutting followed by a Google cloud developer event on Wednesday, December 5th.